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      What effect does spindle bearing lubrication have on NC lathe

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      CNC lathe takes spindle rotation and axial feed as the main processing action. The rotational characteristics make the bearing occupy a very important position in its operation. Bearing work must ensure adequate lubrication, otherwise it is easy to overheat deformation, resulting in machine tools can not work properly.

      The spindle bearings of CNC lathe mostly adopt high precision bearings above grade 44. The spindle bearings of lathe are the most important parts to ensure the machining accuracy of machine tools. In order to avoid the interference of dust and other environmental factors, they are usually installed in the spindle box and placed in a closed environment, which causes great obstacles to lubrication. Obstacles, it is almost impossible to open the spindle box every day for lubrication, so the spindle bearing lubrication mostly uses high temperature resistant grease.

      The grease used on the spindle bearings of CNC lathe is mainly made up of mineral oil (or synthetic lubricant) and thickener. By using this lubrication method, the spindle bearings can withstand high temperature produced by high speed and ensure the life of the spindle. Lubricating grease mainly reduces mechanical friction and prevents mechanical wear. At the same time, it also plays a protective role in preventing metal corrosion and sealing dust. At the same time, this lubrication method also saves a lot of maintenance time, usually adding a single grease can be used for one year or more.

      The lubrication of spindle bearings in CNC lathe also needs to be noted that ordinary lubricants can not be used to lubricate spindle bearings, ordinary lubricants can not withstand the high temperature generated by high speed, will quickly evaporate and make the spindle in a dangerous situation without lubrication, and lubricants will dilute the original lubricants used in bearings, so that Its loss of function leads to the damage of the spindle bearing. Of course, the choice of spindle bearings for NC lathe is the key. Excellent imported Bearing Companies in the United States specialize in producing high-precision machine tool bearings, grade P4 high-precision bearings for machine tool spindles and ball screw bearings for machine tools.

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